Big Maypole Fish Thing

Hi, and welcome to Big Maypole Fish Thing! This is a complete list of BtVS and AtS fanfiction that I've written. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I like to go back to my stories and tweak them sometimes, so if you've read my work somewhere else, it might be slightly different than what's posted here. Please check back for new works, new chapters, and revisions on older works. This page was last tweaked on November 6, 2007

Warning: Some stories and fanfic have homosexual relationships, aswell as sexual content not suitable for children. If you are offended by Gays, Lesbians, or Sex in general, you shouldn't be here. SLASH WARNINGS APPLY! Also, if you don't like non-canon, you won't like it here. Practice responsible reading.

[Spike/Xander Fic | Fic that isn't Spike/Xander | Series (some are Spike/Xander, some aren't)]

  • Spike/Xander fic:

  • Non S/X (because contrary to popular opinion, the world doesn't in fact revolve around Spike and Xander hooking up):

  • Series (because when you start, sometimes you just can't stop):

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